Sabtu, 16 Januari 2016

Argumentative Essay

          Agree with ‘One Day, No TV’

Television is one of the media that uses by a lot of  people in the world. Television usually airs some cartoons, talk shows, news, music shows, etc. Every house has at least one televesion. It can be more. All the family members love to watch that television and each of the family members has their own favoritee TV shows. I heard that now school gave a letter to the parents that they suggest the parents to make ‘One Day, No TV’ in a week. It is better, if the parents do it continously every weeks. I think ‘One Day, No TV’ is a good thing. Here are some reason why ‘One Day, No TV’ is a good thing.

First, parents and children can spend mote time together. Turn off the TV can make family have nothing to do while they have free time. Since watching television usually done when family have nothing to do. So, they can spend their free time to gather as a family. They can do some activities together like playing games, doing sports, cleaning house together, having a trip somewhere and many more. This thing can make familiarity in a family becomes stronger. Besides that, it can make all the family members become fresh because they don’t only sit or sleep in front of the TV and have a lot of hours in front of it. They move their body by doing activities like playing games, doing sport or having trip. It can make them become fresher and happier. Cleaning house activity, even though it can makes them tired, but if they do it together the tiredness will gone and change with happiness. So, the family already done something more beneficial than just watch a TV. Besides that, spend a lot of hours watch a TV can have a risk of a heart disease, diabetes, have trouble of sleeping, etc. 

Second, children will go outside and play. Among the family member, children usually is fans of televesion because they can watch a cartoon everyday. For the family who use TV cable, the children can watch their favorite cartoon for 24 hours. So, this is such a dangerous thing. By this program, ‘One Day, No TV’ children can be keep away from TV because it can make their eyes have trouble and also based on a research, children who spend a lot of time in front of the TV can have trouble on their concentration even some childrens show hyperactive attitude. So, from this program, the parents can ask their children to do some outside activities that can make them use their body. So, the children will produce sweat and it makes them healthier. It also can make them happier. Beside that, it can also make them see something that can freshen their eyes which is not get by them when watch a TV. When the children go outside and play, they can meet with their friends and have interaction with them. It is good for them to socialize with others. When they only spend their time watch a TV at home, it can make them less sociable which is not a good thing.

So, it is not a bad idea to have ‘One Day, No TV’. By the family having time together and children playing outside, we can get a lot of advantage beside disadvantage. Do ‘One Day, No TV’ program to make a better thing for children and also for the family.

Sabtu, 21 November 2015

Book Review

I want to tell you about the book that I have read. In my post a few months ago, I told you about a movie that I ever watched. It was The Maze Runner. That movie was based on a novel with the same title. That novel is a trilogy novel. First, The Maze Runner. Second, The Scorch Trial. Third, The Death Cure. The book that I've read is the second book, The Scorch Trial. 

The Scorch Trials is a 2010 young-adult horror dystopian science fiction novel by James Dashner. A film adaptation was released on September 18, 2015 by 20th Century Fox

I will tell you a brief story in the novel.
The story started when some gladers include Thomas finally got out from the maze. They were sent into a dorm. They also found out that there were a lot of human that had flare infection and there were look so creepy. They were called crank. Other thing that Thomas found out was, there was another maze that consist with girls but there was a boy name Aris. It was maze B. So, Aris position was same as Teresa in maze A. Teresa was with maze B and had a task to kill Thomas. Then, Thomas and his friends called by a man from wicked and he said they should go to a road that already provided for them. It was Flat Trans. So, they went there. When they already reached the end of the road, they felt so hot on thier skin. They found out that the end of the road was a very hot desert. The sun was so close to them. But, they kept walking through that desert. Their destination was a safe heaven. On their way to that place, they got a lot of trials. There were steel ball that suddenly appeared, desert storm that made their body hurt, and a lot of crank that searched their blood. Finally, the arrived at safe heaven but it was only desert. Until finally came a kind of plane that brought them.

For me, this second novel was still as cool as the first novel. But, this novel was more thrilll than the first. The story for me was unpredictable and the plot was great. The language of the novel for me was quite hard because it was translated from english and it can be hard because I never read novel before, this novel was my second novel to read.

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Jumat, 20 November 2015


   On 20th November, all the 12th grade students joined a camping event. This camping event was held to fulfill 2013 curriculum. This event held until 21st Novemeber. So we started by came to school at 06.30. After all the students came, we started the trip. It took about 3 hours to arrive. When we already arrived, we directly went to the camp area and searched place to build our tent, we built it by ourselves. When we finished buil the tent, we should attend the openinh ceremony. After that, the boy had jum'ah prayer and the girl got some lecture about woman. When it finished, we had lunch. Then we prepare ourselves for the adventure trip. Before we started, each group should made some clues that will be used for games in a post. After we finished, we started the trip. The track was so challenging until it made my shoes became so dirty. We should finished some post to go back to our camp area. The posts are about how to help people for the first time  when he got accideng, post about our five senses, post about break the clue from other grup that already made, post about how to broke the ballon with bamboo, post about how to make map, and post about a prediction of height of a tree. It took almost more than 3 hours to finished that trip because the track was so far and tiryng. When we already arrived, we directly got ready to prepare for made foods. My grup made 'Nasi Uduk Instan" with "abon" and it so delicious. After that me and my classmate prepare for performance in camp fire event. Each class should perform something. My class perform a little drama and a little singing. After all the class finished performing, we directly went back to our tent and slept because all of us already got tired.

   On 21st November, we continued our activity. Started by woke up at 5 and got ready for some exercise. After that, we had a breakfast. Then, we prepared ourselves for games. My class went to 4 post. First, we played games about relay. So, all the people in one grup holding hand to each other and making line. The first person will shake his hands when he got a command to do that and the next person should shake his hand to and so the other until the last person. The last person should ran and took a bottle. The first group, which catch the bottle first, won.
Another games was guessing word, a person from group should demonstrate the written words that was given and it would be guessed by other member of group.
Second post was about how to move a ball without touching it. So, there were 3 person stood on the square that marked by blue rope. That 3 person should took matchsticks and rubberbands that put quite far from the blue rope. When it already taken, other members of group should put matchstick on his mouth and move the rubberbands from first person to the second and so on with the matchstick. After that, there was string that was used by tied it with the rubberbands. There were 4 string to use. So, the rubberbands would get bigger by pull the 4 strings. After the rubberbands got bigger, we could bring the ball to the finish line. Third, we went to water post. On that post, we played relay games again. But, the relay games in this post was used a sponge. So the group should make a line and each members held a sponge. After that, the first person took the water from the bucket and press the sponge to second person, and so on. The last person should press the sponge above the bottle. The fourth post was about ropes. Basically, I didn't really understand the rules about this game and my class also didn't know how to play it. So, we finished that post without know how to play it. After that, we went to the camp area and prepared to go home. We should pack our belongings and built off the tent. Then, we had a photoshoot of 32016. The last thing was closing ceremony. Then, we went to the truck based on classes and we went home.

p.s. I'm sorry I don't have a lot of photos because I only use my phone when I was about to sleep


Selasa, 10 November 2015

Make Peace

Means : 

And not equal are the good deed and the bad. Repel [evil] by that [deed] which is better; and thereupon the one whom between you and him is enmity [will become] as though he was a devoted friend. (Fussilat : 34)

This sentence that I took from Al Quran have meaning  about make peace. Why I said that? because this sentence said if you get something cruel from someone, regret it and pay that with some kindness. So, when you and that person used to be enemy, you and him can be a good friend.

I give an example case. When you get bully by someone because he envy to you, don't ever have a will to revenge him. Just do the good thing to him, like say 'hi' or offer him some help, even though you still get bully keep going share the goodness. That person, who bullied you, will think and change his mind so he can be kind to you and feel so guilty. He will ask your apology and you and him can be good friend.

So, just do kindness to all people even he hate you. That things can make you have a lot of friends and less enemies.

Rabu, 04 November 2015

School Life

My school life for me is so tired but also so fun. My school is in SMAN 3 Bandung, which is located in Jalan Belitung and near SMAN 5 Bandung. 
In SMAN 3 Bandung, education is such a big priority. We start our school at 06.30 and in some days we finish our school at 15.00. Although we spend a lot of time in school, the teacher still give us a lot of homeworks. Even though the condition of academy in SMAN 3 Bandung is like that, I joined an organization and an extracuricullar. There were OSIS and KPA (angklung extracurricular). I joined that when I in 11th grade, now I am in 12th grade.
So my school life when I was in 11th grade was full of story and lesson. I often participated in a lot of events as a committee. I could be in quite lot committe in the same time, I became a committee in event a, and also in event b, and in event c. I also in different position on that committee. While I became committee in a lot of event at school, I also should came to practice for angklung concert that KPA held. The practice was really busy so I should manage my time for came to the practice and also became the committee. The most important thing was I should study because it is the main thing that I wanr ro do in SMAN 3 Bandung. In that case, I should manage my time for became teh committe, came to KPA practice, and study. So my 11th grade life was busy but exciting because I didn't get stress when I had to do a lot of things in the same time. I passed through it, happily.
Now, my school life as 12th grade just fill with study for face the exam next year. My daily activity is go to course for take some extra lesson and also face a lot of exam and homeworks to do.

Sabtu, 03 Oktober 2015


Example of Job Vacancy 
We are one of the fastes growing IT Company and now we are looking for a dynamic people to fill up the position of : Service Center Supervisor. 
Requirements : 
– Female, max 35 years old 
– Minimum Bachelor degree, majoring in Accounting from reputable university. 
– Minimum 2 years working experience in Accounting. 
– Familiar with financial statement, processes data, system 
– Excellent quantitative and analystics skill. 
– Good communication skills. 
– Proficient in English or Mandarin. 
For further informations, please check our web : 

Curriculum Vitae (CV)
Name : Nisa Nadira Ramadhani 
Address : Palem Residence 1 A2 No. 1 
Telephone : 081321368730 
Nationality : Indonesian 
Date of Birth : 13th January 1999 
Marital stank : Single

Education Qualification 
2013 – 2016 : SMAN 3 Bandung 
2010- 2013 : SMPN 7 Bandung (Graduate)

Languages : English, Indonesia 
Computer : Literate in most computer applications 

Application Letter
Acer Company 
25 Deleware road Bandung 
08065 (085741051947) 

Dear Sir, 
I’m writing to apply for the Service Center Supervisor position advertised in the Jogja Newspaper. As requested, I am enclosing a completed job application, my certification, my resume and three references. The opportunity presented in this listing is very interesting, and I believe that my skills and education will make me competitive candidate for this position. 
Please see my resume for additional information on my experience, I can be reached anytime via email at or my cell phone 081321358730 Thank you for your time and consideration. I look fordward for speaking with you about this employment opportunity.


Nisa Nadira Ramadhani

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Senin, 25 Mei 2015

Place In Bandung

I want to tell you about one of the historical place in Bandung. It is my school. SMAN 3 Bandung (3 Senior High School).

SMAN 3 Bandung is located in Belitung Street No. 8 Bandung. Basically, we are in the same adresses with SMAN 5 Bandung. We are in the same building but SMAN 3 Bandung on the west side. Usually the students get in to school from Kalimantan Street. It was on west side.

SMAN 3 Bandung has more or less 32 classroom and quite lot of other rooms like Laboratory, Teachers Room, Vice Headmaster of School Room, Mosque, Canteen (we usually called it as Bazar), some Extracuricular Room, Hall. 

SMAN 3 Bandung has 2 hall, they are old Hall and new Hall. Old hall is a hall that use together with SMAN 5 Bandung but New Hall is a hall that only use by 3 Senior High School. The location of some 3 Senior High School Laboratory is close to SMAN 5 Bandung Laboratory. On the first floor is SMAN 5 Bandung Laboratory and on the second floor is SMAN 3 Bandung Laboratory.

SMAN 3 Bandung has a new place called Taman Baca but the construrion doesn't done yet. 

We also have a place for PE Lesson. It is located in Bali Street (it is neat Belitung Street. We usually call it as Lapbal (Lapangan bali or Bali field). That field uses by SMAN 3 Bandung and SMAN 5 Bandung. The schedule is from monday to wednesday uses by SMAN 5 Bandung and from thursday to saturday uses by SMAN 3 Bandung. The place consist of an indoor place (Bangsal) for do PE lesson that need indoor place and outdoor place which is consist of Basketball field, Football field that surround by running track.

Now, I am in 11th grade. My class is in 11 grade science 4. I used to go to 10 grade science 9 but now my class doesn't exist and it is replaced with accceleration class. SMAN 3 Bandung used to have 1 acceleration class but now become 2 acceleration class.

That's all the little explanation of my school. Here ara some pictures of my school.